The past few weeks have indeed been busy, what with moving, placing our home on the market and trying to find order with my writing….phew! You HAVE to love writing to be doing as much as I have committed myself to these days, or you’re just quite bonkers???
It seems though the government haven’t given me much of a choice being now I am no longer getting any financial support from their tight little purse strings! Now THERE’S a story on its own! I probably WILL journal that experience at a later date, would hope others might benefit the knowledge and be prepared!!

Anyhow….now that I have set my mind towards a few new tasks, I have joined forces with my Book publisher/editor and am taking names of any who may be at all interested in doing an Online/offline Creative Writing Course.
I will be coaching classes here in NSW, mainly focusing around the Sydney/metro as at times I may need to visit the home/s of my students and am obviously aiming at making myself available to do so-
If you are interested, the course consists of the following subjects, and is expected to spread over 8 weeks with 1 hour lessons – Each subject wll be broken down into at least 8 modules concentrating on all differerent aspects of each topic. Homework will be set and expected to be collected by each student on the said day of their timetable-We have already designed an Online Tutor Forum, with a list of topics/subjects we hope to explore.There is also a chatroom in place and is ONLY for students/coaches to communicate, not for any other purpose! See TOPICS below-
Short Stories
Personal Letters

WIth these topics, the student also has the opportunity to get back to the basics of English! Simple excercises that will assist in your grammar, especially when words fail you, and revision with help of easy-to-do class tasks ie: Prepositions, verbs, nouns etc
There’s a story in all of us, but knowing where to start can be overwhelming and is too often the reason why many good tales go unsaid….

I am taking names now of any interested students, including those wishing to get published!
If you’d like more detail, please feel free to email me at magazinestaff@bigstring.com or register your name at the Tutornetworks Forum

For any further information, the Tutor Network website offers great information for both student AND teachers! See:http://www.tutornetwork.net/
Other queries, please contact S Cuppari at enquiries@scuppari.com