The worry, the nightmare, the place that originally started out as our new chapter in a new start too quickly went sour! If losing mum wasn’t hard enough! So now, I speak my mind here, and will accept FULL responsibility for warning any new young hopeful home buyers…..NOT TO GO THROUGH RAMS!!!!!!!!!! Take advice from one of many who were forced to the brink of possible bancruptcy, NEVER use a broker from this mob! These people have NO heart, and even though many would have felt the pinch of late with increasing interest rates all in a spate of months, too many were forced to give up their homes, handing them over to the hands of greedy selfish ignorant so & so’! We came so so close to this, but we decided that we hadnt put my inheritance into the pocket of RAMS, so even though we certainly aren’t walking away with a fortune from the sale, I can sleep better knowing we beat RAMS!
If I ever do this again, which I do hope to, I know well enought to steer clear of these pariahs, and follow mum’s ideas of using a known reputable bank!