Who wins anyway?

Bury it `neath all pride

Shame convinces you to hide

What harm does love bring?

Open your minds, let it in!

These times we do not recognise

Hell’s identity, our own demise

Shadows form on darkened souls

Words of minsitries shall uphold

I dare not give into thoughts

They seek out anguish of retort

And as day to `nigh become complete

What war on earth did man defeat?

by Debbie Stevens

Maybe this poem says too much, or not enough? Either way, it was on my mind last night as I sat listening to the news….’Skyhooks'[Australian band] were so spot on when they wrote the song; “Horror Movie”! And as I think of other songs that pay homage to peace, I came up with my own list, feel free to add! [am sure there’s plenty more I have left out]

“My sweet Lord”

“War[what is it good for?”

“Peace[give peace a chance]”

“Instant Karma”

“Horror Movie”

“we are the world”

“Millitary Madness[is killing the country]”


“Joy to the world”

“[its a start, when you]Open up your heart”