You can’t see me, but you know I exist. You read the words I’ve left and you sometimes reply, but why? You don’t know me? You MIGHT know my ‘profile’, but is that really ME? You continue to read on….
My words must have sparked an interest, for why else would you be reading them? Perhaps it was the subject, a familiar sequence of words that you could relate to or recalled from somewhere in your life? Maybe it was because it was what you had been seeking to find, hours of research can lead us anyhwere! Maybe not. Could be you were just passing through and had nothing better to do between surfs? Possible.

In fact, whatever reason which led you to take the time to stop, and read these words is of no real importance to me, for I am merely here to entertain, educate and amuse. It might take a day, a week, month or worse still, a year..[I like to imagine a more frequent visit]but once you have left the page, and moved on to your next, I have already turned the page, and probably now typing up another piece for another place.
It’s part of who I am, a part of me and a part of the passion inside. It’s probably what I do best, for it seems no matter how many times I try to alternate my work, or look towards new paths, I still wind up back here, writing the words which just might make you stop and think.
The internet has set my words free! I am out there, with the rest of the world, able to have use of my voice in my own time, my own space! It is a real sense of liberation! The freedom to speak, and to openly share what I feel.
Advocacy-(meaning)The act of `advocacy` or pleading a cause. You could also define my work as advertising, but I’d much sooner prefer the latter.Either way you look at these words, they are about me, and about you.
I am a woman first and foremost, then right behind this, I have these other titles: I am a wife, mother, campaigner,activist,writer, author, activist, support network, consultant and web designer. But hold that thought…I am also trying to make a difference. Yes, you heard right. This journey I am taking has many different paths, and I have my feet planted on each one, careful not to retrace my steps, focused on movong forward.
There have been too many distractions along the way, plenty of blessings, but as i am learning, you only seem to receive these AFTER the ‘spanner is thrown into the works’-God’s way of reminding you just where you are meant to be going!
He doesn’t enjoy the amount of time wasted on analyzing something that has suddenly led you off your path…he would much rather see you pick yourself back up, brush off the interruption, acknowledge its existence, but get back on track immediately! Like those reading this, I too have had a pile of crap laid on my plate, and usually pre-blessing!
“What is your goal?” I hear God ask. “I gave you the tools you needed to work with, so why are you stopping?”
I pause for a moment, long enough to absorb the message being sent, and I get right back to it, regardless of the ‘good advice’ others may be offering…”You should be doing this” “Oh my, you have so many problems, I am surprised you find time to do your work?” “I’d HATE to be in your shoes!” If I were to stop, and follow this line of thinking, I’d never get out of bed! Why would I bother?
Listening to those words tell me i have no hope, no chance, no future. Yet, the message I fight to breathe life into cannot take such negativity on board! If it did, well, there’d be no message. So, what is this message I’ve danced around and past, through the past four paragraphs??? Awareness. That’s it! My message today, and every other day is all about raising awareness to Ovarian cancer for this women’s gynaecological cancer, has NO screening method, not yet!
How do we find it?? Through its symptoms! That is ALL we have to protect each other…that, and my words. Whatever the reason for stopping, I am just pleased you did. Now if you’d like to get the full story, and find ways of warning others…here’s the next step:

My work is done, for this moment.

Debbie Stevens 2007