At about 3.30pm, Friday[est] I took a moment to tune into the recent Writing Teleseminar thanks to the baby Boomer Divas!

Host with the most;Beverly Mahone lead an all star panel of ‘diva writers’ who gave some wonderful points on various aspects of writing your own book.

With pen in one hand, paper in the other, I quickly began taking notes.

It was nice being able to associate their faces with a voice, and each one spoke with such clarity! A special ‘thank you’ to my Aussie sister; Kathie Thomas..her introduction was so lovely as she welcomed all listeners, including those of us in the Southern Hemisphere. I can see why Kathie is sought after for speaking roles in conferences, well done mate! Your writing tips were very helpful and believe that ‘blogging’ certainly is a great way to get writing! With so many people on the net, there’s just no limit to the imagination.

Oh Vicki, what a lovely soft speaking voice you have lol Thank you for your the tip about the use of a critique partner, something I believe Beverly acknowledged as well. I do have 1 lady online who has had books of fictional genre published, and we have shared our chapters from time to time, but took the advice of seeking out those writing in my [non-fiction] genre and also the idea to google my genre…I had a chuckle at some of the responses, especially when Kim was discussing ‘Writers Block’…the fact that she is ALWAYS writing, I immediately pictured myself, and then a title jumped into my head:”More Writing for Writers Block!”-seems no matter which way we look at it, we wind up writing something, to break the writing block?? lol Might actually look at writing my own tips under that heading???? lol And with Kathie’s ‘writers block’ leading to a POEM about it, well, it just goes to show that we are still writing unconciously, regardless.

Has anyone heard of the word, Metacognition? I am reflecting on my communication skills class, and this seems to come into play here. We are all different and all have different methods of communicating, and learning. The skills we learn from each other can only benefit those we already have acccumilated!

Debra’s description of taking a tomato, feeling it, smelling it and writing about it really made perfect sense while also giving this art another life-form! I think what really grabbed me was her lovely way in which she used a metaphor for taking time with your book, ”Writing a book, is like being pregnant. We nuture the unborn for nine months, and when it is brough full term, it is born.” I will carry this always now Debra, thanks! I am obviously doing the right thing with my latest, as it too has been an ’emotional’ write, so I can relate 100% to Debra on this and relieved, to hear Kathie say it all depends on what you are writing…As I am also writing for magazines, knew exactly what she meant about ‘deadlines’…luckily, writing this ‘baby’ of mine, is about personal experiences, so am more confident from all advice given, to go at my own pace, and yes ladies, not rushing!

I was amazed when Vicki shared her bit about “Trust the wind”, the book actually coming from a dream…..guess what ladies??? I had a very bizarre dream[almost an epic] which I quickly jotted down on paper with a view to write a Mystery novel! Seriously! I thought I was going mad, so, thanks Vicki, it must be that once a writer, ideas come in all shapes and forms??? lol

I absolutely LOVED Kim’s plan for starting a book-Whilst doing my community services course at Tafe[college], one of our classes taught us how to mind-map, so when you mentioned buying a poster board to layout your characters, ideas & plot, it hit home! I am going to try that when I put the dream into play! I am actually excited now just thinking of all the possibilities. And yes ladies, I to have heard others say that another good method is to read a newspaper article or similar, grab an article and add to it! A bit like Debra’s theory of using real people in your own experiences[and yes, we DO have plenty] then imagine the ‘what if’ scenario…very clever! Thank you to Kim, for sealing it all with some self-help in confidence. Yes mate, in the end I have to agree, make the time YOU need to write your book, even if it means sitting up those extra couple of hours after the family have long gone to bed…Just do it!

My only tip for writing a book, which,has already been said, would be this one key:don’t be afraid to SUBMIT! You will never know unless you give it a shot, and yes, you will need that ‘thick-skin’ but believe me, from my own experience, it takes time to develop. Trust yourself, even if it means stepping outside your safety-zone….what is the worst thing that can happen??? You might learn something! Meanwhile, i have a collection of old diaries that need to be found, could be just one more book waiting to happen, thanks Bev!

A wonderful seminar, and i hope to hear of another in the very near future.

Thanks to the panel:

Kathie Thomas, Vicki M Taylor, Kim Simms, Debra Shiveley-Welch and of course, our moderater, Beverly Mahone.