I set about the usual chores
Life a test but who keeps score
Just when all the dust has settled
Satan comes to ruffle feathers
And as the storm brews up a lashing
I close my eyes and seek compassion
Down pours misery to dampen my soul
I stand and fight to gain control
His sneers I sense behind my back
I am saved once more from his attack!
Debbie Stevens 2007
A dear lady gave me great words of advice and encourgement just recently…she said that no matter how many times I am under attack from those who wish me harm, as long as I put on God’s coat of armour, he would protect me, always. Then another wise lady said Satan will attack us, right before we receive a blessing from God, and sometimes, we must endure awful pain to receive these blessings. I have been trying to re-build my life since the death of my mother, and in that time, I have been under constant attack! But, just when I think I cant go on, or that life seems to be taking me nowhere, a miracle, a ‘blessing’ arrives at my feet or in the palm of my hands. I have found many prayers God answers, are done so by his will, NOT what we ask him. He finds the answer, and then delivers it to us in the best way he sees will benefit us, and hopefully we will have heard a message through this. His message, his word. Yes, I have lost so much, everything from loved ones, to a home, work and so on. But God knows what is inside my heart, he sees what I see….so for all those who have hate, jealousy, greed and spite, don’t waste your time sending my way, I have already prayed for your forgiveness, and I am never far from the coat of armour God supplies!