I am keeping up with the 24 days of blogging spirit by posting a blog everyday right up until Christmas Eve….I have lost track, but know I have gone beyond my original quota, and have succeeded in covering almost EVERY Blog I own on the internet[you can check if you like lol] and am sure i will make it! Getting off to a slower start today because of work committments, but still doin’ my bit baby!I have also tried to be vigilant in visiting other blogmaniacs, but sadly have not been able to keep up with so many! Crikey! Have a look at what I am up against! lol Thank our lucky stars for feedburners! Don’t you just LOVE those widgety grubs??? They add to the fun! However, in saying this I have also run into my own fair share of ‘bloggingblock’! This is when you become lost and quite disorientated by the whole proceedure…I am putting my lapse in concentration down to a combination of pre-Christmas jitters and good old Menopause! I wasn’t going through it as bad last Christmas[that I can recall, anyhow??? Memory loss a typical symptom! lol] Am sure if I ran this by the other household members I’d have a mixed reaction! Have you ever had days where you felt as though you were from some other planet?? Or there’s been a wild party going on, inside your head, but you weren’t invited?? What a strange experience! What about tripping over simple things, such as talking?? Just the other day I KNEW I wanted to say .htm[dot htm]but for the life of me, could NOT say ‘H’???????? Hmmm..HORMONAL HORROR! lol
Never mind,I am over it now, so I’ve accepted the fact my brain is working at a completely different level to that of my mouth and vocal chords.All just a smidgen of what menopause can do to a person!
Oh happy day…..