Less than a week remaining to Christmas Eve…..now how many blogs or web-pages do you think have said this??? My PC seems to be running a tad slow so i am putting it down to ‘the above’! Those mad bloggers, all with soemthing to add to thier list of things to discuss about this special time of year…well people, I can only think to wish everyone, everywhere, right across the world and the wordl wide web…a most precious and most Merry Christmas! ‘Tis the season to be jolly’ lalalalalalalalala…..This is going to be a real small celebration this year fro us, but none-the-less, a celebration as we remember the birth of Christ! Born in a manger, to parents; Mary & Joseph, born into our world but a baby NOT of this world…born to bring about peace, love and hope….We don’t see enough of those once popular biblical epics, do we?? Has anyone noticed this? Fils such as “The greatest story ever told”, “The ten commandments”, “Nazareth”, and my favourite as a child, “The little drummer boy”….So, here’s a suggestion. Get down to your local video store and see what’s in stock! Bring home some tradition by sharing one of many beatiful and heartfelt stories of ALL time! I watched a brief filem titled “Jesus of Nazareth”, and was still able to feel the sorrow that fell upon our earth the day Jesus was crucified. It will always be with those who belive…I am proud to be one of them!

Ask your local store what they have, and then ask if many people have been in to request.

This is one subject I hope more people will comment on here….the need to return christianity back into the lives of his believers!

As you get older, watching such films actually give you a clearer perspective on this man’s time spent here on earth. I am still in awe of his committment to all his children, something we need to pass down to ours.

May you all have a blessed Christmas, filled with the love of Christ.