No, not your ordinary day, no way! After all, when you are a baby boomer diva, your day-to-day existence is nothing short of amazing! There are other words, words that could go on to tell you beyond amazing but this will do today. You see, when I was first invited to join the remarkable ‘women on the move, making a difference’, my world was still stuck in one zone. I am not complaining, for my world involves many wonderful friends, people I met while networking and those who followed my trail as I blazed the words AWARENESS into their minds! These messages I share have travelled far, through events, books & websites. Today, as a baby boomer diva woman and proud represenative, my doors have opened in all directions to new & golden opportunities! Yesterday, I was a webdesigner, author, blogger and Neways Distributor. Today, i awoke to the glorious title of Chief-in-editor of an international music ezine! ME! Throw in some part-time reporting for WPR Talk radio, and you have a new Debbie! Her BBD sisters have inspired, supported, encouraged & presented her with more to choose from! They were the voices that offered suggestion, options & alternatives to being a success, while being able to remain within the family home, my sanctuary. This all became a reality only days leading up to the celebration of our Lord’s birth.

Doesn’t get much better than that, and I am excited about my future.

Yes, I may be a woman dealing with a mid-life-crisis from time-to-time…this is the world of menopause..but I am embracing it as a challenge. A new phase in my life, proof a baby boomer thrives on her own will to succeed!

There’s no such thing as ‘can’t, words my mother left embedded in my soul…

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