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This post was recently published here: http://debstar23.blogono.com/ after much thought, and consideration…I know many people with pets, will be able to relate to this but where does the right to save a life, come down to the difference of dollars?? If this were a HUMAN life, would we see hospitals turn away the patient all because they had no immediate funds on hand????
I know in many countries, this IS the case, and it terrifies me to think mankind can place a price on a life of anyone!
Look at my little darling…she is as precious as a child to me!

Things that peeve us off, those grievances which stick in our side but, we say nothing. Not so today! I thought long and hard about my feelings and how too often, they are down trodden because I am always too considerate or too polite.
It pains me to see others copping a raw deal, and that’s why I am usually the first to speak up on their behalf, but what about me? Well, thanks to the world of blogging I am going to use it as my venting-vehicle!
I have two issues that are foremost on my mind. The first, Vetenarians who see the almighty dollar as more important than the animal. Just recently, my 8 year old short-haired collie x border collie, became ill, and it wasn’t looking good. For 6 days she couldn’t hold her food and I was thinking the worst. It was during the holiday break, as luck would have it, that this all took place but on the 5th day, did manage to get hold of a vetenarian hospital who were willing to discuss via the phone. The nurse was wonderful, you could hear real sincerity in her voice and she gave me a couple of tips to see if it helped my baby. By the sixth day, her diet changed for bland food, boiled rice with chicken broth, she still was unable to keep it down, so now I was panicking! Her normal vetinarian was just back from his break, so I gave his shop a call.
The response I received was not at all what I had expected-Describing in tears my dog’s poor condition, then emphasising our own financial crisis, the young girl became vague and evasive. Unable to offer us any support, she suggested I place a call to the RSPCA, Sydney’s main shelter for homeless and mistreated animals. “They have a credit system and should be able to help you.” her reply. At this stage I had nothing to lose, my dog needed immediate attention and without the cash, this young girl had made it perfectly clear they could not help. In haste I called the number supplied to me……the phone rang out! By now my youngest boy was in the room with me, also anxious to know what was wrong with his dog. We had bought her for his eighth birthday, just months after he had lost his Nanna. Sophie was a very special addition to this family, and throughout the phone-calls, this came seeping through to the forefront of my mind. Don’t cry Deb, just DON’T cry!
When the phone continued to ring-out, I placed another to Information…they gave me a DIFFERENT number from that of the one I’d been desperately dialling! SUCCESS! The lady who answered seemed pleasant enough, listening to my plight and asking what I had been doing to treat our pet. I was quickly placed through to another line, where I was met with a brick-wall! The first question: “How much can you give us?” Explaining it was still the beginning of my pay week, another four days before my account would see a payment…this was when the whole conversation took a turn for the worse! No compassion for the animal, just dollar signs! Now slightly frustrated, I explained our current situation, but this girl, without a consultation used a ‘crystal ball’, telling me my dog required an intravenous drip and so on…”She is drinking water!” I clearly emphasised, “She is NOT vomiting!” A pause of silence, then again, the same instructions…the consultation only cheaper by a mere two dollars, and definitely NO credit being offered! Her next suggestion had me seething…”Maam[now being patronised]the only other thing I can suggest to you would be to surrender her over to the shelter.” I had fought off the dam of tears but now the gates were open! Did she care? Of course not! This wasn’t affecting her in the slightest…all I could see was our family pet, handed over to strangers and then facing an even more sinister futre. The odds of people coming to buy her would be minimal, and I just couldn’t even put that image inside my head, and now, was furious it had been put on the table to consider. “How dare you!” I retorted “This is not just a stray dog we are talking about, she is FAMILY! I hate to think if one of your elderly family members suddenly took ill?”
The bedroom door swung open and in walked my hero! My husband took the phone from my hand, announced his disappointment in their mannerism and absolute disgust with their way of handling the situation. Meanwhile I sat terrified on the end of our bed, my youngest doing his best to comfort me, when I should have been doing the same for him. My husband hung up, placed another call back to our Vet, who suddenly had a change of heart! “Bring her in and we will see what’s going on, it’s probably just a virus!” And indeed, it was! Our dog required no treatment, other than the love and attention she had already been receiving, and in a day or two, she would be back to normal. They gave us 24 hours of keeping watch, but when we awoke the next morning, she was so much better!
So, I sat back and considered the lousy options I had been given care of the RSPCA…the people who we rely heavily on to PROTECT our animals….oh sure, they do a fine job in every other area of work, but having experienced first-hand the importance placed upon the almighty dollar, OVER my dog’s well-being, has left me very doubtful, offended and furious!
I now wonder just how many other families, faced with a shortage of money [in hand] are being dealt with? And I then worry for the amount of family pets that have needlessly been surrended over, opposed to being treated! SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!!! This is truly, EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL!