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On the eve of our ‘blogging-tele-seminar’, I thought about how much time alot of us spend just sitting. So as you decided to tune in and take some helpful tips from my fellow-divas, why not keep in mind we also do our blogging in style! For me, having a song playing as I type, often leads to more thoughts, and reminds me this is not supposed to be mundane, it is meant to be a pleasant experience as well, so if you think you can handle it, turn up your speakers while you read on….

Well don’t you know that old saying, “Music soothes the savage beast”? I am here to share more good news about this gift from God! Music makes us feel good when we are feeling down, it brings out various emotions, sparks a memory and so much more..
Music is also great therapy! Not only does it ease a troubled mind and elevate one’s mood, but it al;so appears to ease nagging pain for many sufferers. I am living proof! The healing effects of music on the mind and body are well documented, but medical science has not been able to explain how it works. For some, music has a calming effect, for others, it is invigorating. Of course, the type of music being played influences what effects it has, but even so, the individual response to a given piece of music varies greatly from one person to another.
Some pain researchers theorise that music provides a distraction that lessens the perception of pain. Music prompts the brain to increase its production of endorphins, body chemicals that act as natural pain-killers. This explains its benefits controlling pain related to muscle tension.
Music is truly a universal language, one that is important to healers in almost every culture in all parts of the world.
How are YOU feeling today? Sad? Tired? Bored? Lonely? DEBBIE HAS HELP AT HAND……..
Turn up your speakers, and let the music I have playing on this blog snap you out of it! 🙂
What have you got to lose? Get on up, or get on down…clap your hands, sing along…let the songs carry you away…stuck in front of that computer???? You can still move those feet, go on, I DARE you! Now tell me how you feel??? Music is the best medicine! Maybe a bit of disco, some Ray Charles, just a mixture of classics from the sixties and seventees, WHATEVER! Take a moment to unwind, release your own endorphins……I guarantee you will feel better in no time!