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It’s not often these days that I get a chance to listen to a podcast or such, but while going about my usual tasks online, quick visits at Social networks then checking email….it was the latter which led me over to Blogtalkradio. I hadn’t been there for awhile, my committment to the magazine left little time, however, today was an exception as I only have one interview scheduled for later this day…I was in for a nice surprise. Dr.Sally Witt had a very special guest on her show recently and I was able to listen to the recording this morning. Two of my sisters, both dearly loved and admired by many a baby boomer diva, Sally AND her special guest, the colourful Popartdiva!I learned some interesting key notes and wanted to share them with other readers. For starters, popartdiva made special reference to her sleeping pattern, one that i too could identify with! I’d never heard it described this way, but after hearing it, gave me some peace of mind knowing I wasn’t alone-Being menopausal can deprive a woman of her beauty sleep, for Popartdiva, she can sleep for 5 hours, no longer, no less. Usually awake between the wee hours of 2-3am, the time her creative juices become active! “It’s nice, quiet and cool” says the colourful diva, and peace/quiet, I too can relate! This lady does regular Art shows, always has a Blog updated, comprising of interesting and nostalgic information which she thrives on! Only a few have inspired her, one being a cartoonist; Peter Mack[not sure of the spelling] and the likes of Walt Disney along with album covers from bands like the Beatles! Her work consists of graphic designs, logo’s, even considering the idea of animated napkins somewhere in the near future…this lady’s mind is one that never rests! She gets bored too quickly, so she keep designing…Popartdiva loves animals, cooking AND, her martinis!! You can see all her amazing ceations and ideas here: http://www.popartdiva.com/ AND at my own website where we have designed a colourful place for this colourful diva:http://www.deliberatelydebbie.com/popart_diva.htm

Please don’t forget about the lovely lady who interviewed her:http://www.drsallywitt.com/ Dr.Sally Witt is one other diva sister worth visiting!