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Have you ever wondered why life seems to be heading upwards one day, then the next minute you feel as though you have just lost complete control??? One big step forward followed by three back? Yep, know that all too well. Don’t give up! I am allowing all my emotions to be left in the hands of God, He is the only one who is there to provide and guide!
As I sit here typing from the busy little local Cafe Internet shop, I am gently reminded that this too, is His idea of a blessing! Yep, things have been out of my control, but God knows exactly what to do, and I am trusting in that! New book will prove His point!
Watch out for “A Shoebox Of Blessings”….I have completed the hard part, now awaiting the publication 🙂 God IS good! Hopefully my book will share with the world one other person’s insight…