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With the help from my ‘diva graphic’ sister, Karlyn; I now have the perfect freesia design! The message behind this flower all began by raising awareness to ovarian cancer for my mother, and now it is available to you! Let Christmas be the perfect time to give your mother, sister, daughter, wife or friend something so lovely and unique. It also shows your support for this woman’s cancer, as it still has no real test; unlike that of the mammogram and pap-smear… the key to survival is knowing the symptoms! There are however, methods you can use to assist in identifying possible changes to your ovaries so please mention this to your doctor.
Make them aware, as many in the medical profession are still not completely informed!
Tests available are as follows:
*CA125 Blood test-a tumor marker[protein levels]
* Trans-vaginal scan [as the ovaries lay beneath our other organs, especially the bowel, this scan helps locate!]
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