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We invite ALL to “have their say”, and have also invited the local Elecorate to stop by, perhaps to respond to YOUR comments…..SAVE OUR BUSES Before they are gone!

Seems the NSW Government have found another way to cut-back….this time, with the possible cutting of Bus Services within the Holroyd District!
So, what do you do when you hear about another possible injustice occuring? One that will ultimately have devasting effect upon hundreds of people, the marginalised and the elderly, in fact, pretty much all of the local general public!
Word came to me this afternoon, via a very concerned Holroyd resident, and rightfully so! She is just one of many, who rely on their bus service for many reasons. The NSW Government, Ministry of transport have startled the community with the following announcement—

Changes proposed to local bus routes (Region 3) as part of a review undertaken by the Ministry of Transport.
While there has been a commitment not to reduce the total number of buses in our area, the proposed changes will result in some buses being moved off lower-patronised routes and onto those with high demand, or will go to different destinations.
A number of people, particularly those who have mobility problems, have expressed concern about how these changes would impact on them.
A meeting has been arranged to receive feedback from local residents and businesses. It should be noted that proposed changes are suggestions and there is still opportunity for changes to be made before any routes are finalised. We strongly encourage you to come along to a meeting arranged by Holroyd City Council to have your say, on Wednesday, 4th February 2009, at 6.00pm, in the Holroyd Centre, Miller Street, Merrylands.
To RSVP please contact Holroyd Council, Tel: 9840 9840 or fax: 9840 9734, email: busfeedback@holroyd.nsw.gov.au

If you are unable to attend you can ‘have your say’ via the transport infoline on Tel: 1800 005 113.

MY EMAIL———please help the locals!!
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To Whom It May Concern,
It has come to my attention of a proposed plan, which will see changes within the local Holroyd community’s transport.

This is of huge concern to many within the Holroyd and surrounding areas, especially the elderly community!
Could this be just one more government cut-back, one that will ultimately ruin lives for hundreds of locals who rely on this means of transport?
This service is by no means a luxury, it is a way of life. If you know the geographical layout of the Holroyd area, then you would certainly be aware of the damaging effect this is going to have on the local members of its community.
I will be doing everything possible, to see these changes do NOT take place! Therefore, apart from emails, I will be campaigning across the Internet, requesting all family, friends and people of interest who own a website/Blog, to place a message for others to see.
I am absolutely fed up with bureaucrats dictating their thoughtless and selfish plans upon society, then expecting us to accept!
Sincerely hoping someone with real ethics, will fight on behalf of these locals!!
Debbie Stevens