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BLOGTALKRADIO: ‘Going from red to black, with ‘PASSION’
You know you’ve tuned into a great radio programme when you become an active participator, especially if you are merely listening! You’ll either find yourself nodding in agreement or arguing your opinion. When it becomes a ‘round table’ discussion, its likely there’s more than two people involved, and you’re there, as much a part of the topic as anyone else there on the airwaves! It had been awhile since I’d had time to down tools for a day, and if I do, usually for a good reason. Today was one of those days, and once more, I have come away from Beverly Mahone’s programme, completely satisfied that I picked up more ‘online experience’ and feeling far more confident in my social networking skills! The show began with the introduction of the day’s theme and guest, with us expecting boomer diva, Melodieann Whitely who’d be chatting to the listeners about the business world, and how you can turn the ‘red into black, with PASSION! The perfect header for this venue but as we began, it became apparent Melodieann was running late, for whatever reasons and I can only hope she was alright? Bev handled this situation with her usual professional manner, cleverly making use of this opportunity to point out reasons that can make a radio host nervous, then running through her tips on how to overcome such moments. I quickly realised this was filling in valuable seconds of ‘air-time’, any wonderBev is so good at this? I also found out that the Twitter social network, is often used at times like this, to locate ‘last minute guests’! You truly DO learn something everyday! One hour can seem like ten, when you run into a problem, so having her highlight ways of avoiding further complications a wonderful message to anyone planning to become a host! It was also nice hearing that my online family, the boomer diva nation, another great source and shouldn’t be at all surprised considering the diverse selection o ladies within the group. And as the show progressed, I was pleasantly surprised hearing 3 of the ladies pull up chairs at the round table. We began with our cook extraordinaire, Betty Lynch! I have written down some of this lady’s recipes from her My Country Kitchen website/blog/book, mainly because she keeps the dishes simple, but hearty. As Betty went on to say, this was just one of the reasons she put her recipes into a cookbook! When asked what made her decide to create the book, Betty sweetly replied” I’d been searching for something that suited me” and included the many family members who enjoyed her meals, Bev being one of them! Using her social network skills, betty asked a friend for her input to which the idea of her own cookbook was suggested. “Why not?” So with that Betty hired an editor who showed her how to put it all together, and then self-published! According to Bev, it’s not your average cookbook being that it is more like a book that shows us the importance of families- Betty had found her passion, and all those yummy home-cooked meals found their page, with the fun of each chapter telling its tale on all that went on between editor and cook in the process! The next to join us came from an online group I am keen to get to know better, ‘Inside 919‘, an amazing network used primarily for internet publicity [Deb jumped to attention at this] with a lovely lady by the name of [pray I get this right], Anora. We shared in her daily connections and I was as fascinated as Bev when she mentioned she could read & write Chinese, all part of her job! WOW! As Anora put it, using such networks put you in touch with those you are seeking with the potential of reaching the world! She uses her skills for writing articles, also communicating in French and German. Goes to show us that speaking more than one language will by far, break down many barriers while allowing you greater access-So what advice did Anora offer to us? Simple, “Wake up people!” “World wide web is calling!” There are various companies now taking advantage, ie: Frontier Airlines, Jet blue and Starbucks And may I add, this is just one more reason so many recommended Twitter. Anora shared other tips, and I appreciated the fact she shops around for tools/resources that are FREE to her clients- There’s a real understanding required when using your networks, and it’s all about making the most of its resources and power. About here, our Twitter of all twitters joined in! Teri Dempski is one more boomer leading the way, and her wonderful input throughout the programme had me taking up page after page of scribble! Notes on various tips to get more out of my membership withTwitter and by the wrap up, I had already opened another window as I logged into my Twitter account. Teri had a great list which just rolled off her tongue, and I think I managed to catch some, not all! Twit Wall, a blogging platform used by her and other twitters, definitely a cool way of accumulating traffic to your page! But at Twitter, its more about who’s following who. Boy did I gain some great insight here and think I have moved to Stage 3, all in one day! Stage 3? Yes, go visit Teri at her twitter page and you will get a better understanding, its really quite obvious yet not always recognised by net workers? As Teri described her attitude to social networking, I became more engrossed, and like her, LOVE having fun while I work! We suddenly had another guest….someone had been at twitter, and followed the lead to the show. It was Heidi Richards of WE Magazine and another boomer diva sister. Heidi describes herself more the explorer with Ryze network being her first real social network. ‘It’s easy to use and I love the people I network with!” this sentiment echoed by many, and I suppose that’s what keeps us all ‘online’ for so long? Lol Heidi also admitted she probably spends too much time social networking, again, something many of us can identify with! And what is too much, or too little a time to be using these services? Well, Anora believes at Twitter, once a week is too little if you are hoping for followers, but, on the other side of the coin, you can also be doing too much! “If it impedes you from doing other things in life…” Good advice! Like social networks, I could go on and on with this wonderful programme, but sadly people don’t always appreciate a Blog post that extends normal parameters?? So, will end with the suggestion for those who have a yearning to expand their cultural views, business and clientele and knowledge of social networking tools skills and resources, you cannot go past twitter! Thanks to all who participated on today’s show, I truly gained a great deal from each person and with thanks to Twitter Teri, got a blog up at Twit Wall, almost immediately after listening to today’s show! Thanks Bev, I had a ball and hope some take time to check out the list of Twitter applications mentioned and the many that are on offer, I will be! Check back later for update to this! Lol
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