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Here’s a nice story, and more so because it’s showing another side to baby boomers. Just a few miles away, in the valley of Penrith, Sydney’s outer-west, tents are being pitched and people are bedding down. Penrith is now ‘party town’ for hundreds of bikers! All still keen for the good times to roll, a warning’s gone out to locals to pack their earplugs! But hang on a minute….the eldest member of this biker mob, is 95! So what’s all the noise about?? These bikers are BABY BOOMERS, meaning junior members MUST be 4o years of age to sign up. It all started back in 1983, with a membership of 20 people.
Today, they boast over 4,000 booming strong numbers, from all over Australia, and their arrival in this town means big business for the local CBD, expecting to raise within the proximity of 15 million dollars from the event!

Formed as The Ulysses Club, this social club is for older motorcyclists. Members must be at least 40 years of age to be a junior member while full membership is reserved for the over 50’s. It is the largest motorcycle related club in the Southern Hemisphere and is growing rapidly. The greatest thing about turning 40 to the younger motorcyclist is the ability to join the Ulysses Club! The under 50’s must look after the older members and help them off their bikes etc.
Why ’Ulysses’?

Ulysses was an ancient Greek King, who having subjugated his known world and his rebellious subjects, decided to return to his own grey-bearded sailors and venture forth once again. So it is with modern day Ulyssians. They ride on into old age, all the while paying allegiance to the Club’s motto, “Grow Old Disgracefully”.