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“PASSIONS” is an enlightening programme, held each Sunday evening with its lovely host, Beverly Mahone. When I heard of this week’s topic, it was time to settle back, headset, pen/paper and begin taking crucial notes!
Bev’s special guest, was an interesting gentleman by the name of Mitch Mitchell, and if you are an avid Twitter who is keen to get the ‘lowdown’ on Social media advice, Mitch is your man.
Twitter was discussed, but with so many other tools & advice on offer, we found the conversation went beyond this, not that I’m complaining, I picked up some valuable pointers!
Beverly & Mitch first bumped each other at another social site, the Ryze network, which took them onto other new ventures.
Topics such as the phenoneman that is, Twitter, we listened carefully as Mitch laid out the most simple, yet basic rules to using these social sites to our advantage, and I came away with another viewpoint-My blogs needed more content, a better appearance which would appear much more appealing to the kind of traffic I’ve been insearch of!

I don’t belive I need copy from my ‘notes’, this discussion was easy to understand, and I was quietly pleased with what steps I’d apparently already achieved?
Bev went on to tell us of a recent telephone chat these two shared, Bev hoping to learn more on the monetary side of Blogging, and whether or not there is indeed, money to be made.
I appreciated Mitch being straightforward with his audience, explaining the ‘how-to’s’ with each question put before him-The key to a successful Blog/Website, content! But this also depends on why you blog to begin with. Obviously, if it’s to promote/advertise a business, you want to keep the flow of visitors, ensuring they return ona regular basis.
I truly enjoyed the way Mitch gave us an axample of what people look for, and what attracts.

Not neccessarily a ‘theme’, but cosmetics has alot to do with it! As he cleverly out to our host: “If you were interviewing a woman with a very interesting topic, what would grab your attention?”
If the guest arrived, neatly dressed, the clothes, hair, whole caboodle….and presenting her story, it would be welcomed. But what if, the same person, with the same topic of great interest, arrived in jeans, and t-shirt with a hole??? Would we still be interested? Or wouldher appearance distract us? Well said!
The cosmetics make up the Blog’s colour scheme, it should all blend in together, like symetry.
With those words echoing inside my own head, I knew there were certain Blogs whichI needed to address!

Affilited networks was another topic close to my heart, and though I already knew alot of what Mitch was putting out, my time doing research on this has truly paid off! Still a way to go, but I feel more confident.
The rulesare easy….be perfectly clear about your reason for blogging, don’t drop off with your article-writing, even though it is, a tough job! That’s right, being a writer isn’t easy and I toograteful someone else pointed this out….it also allowed Bev a chance to [as Mitch so nicely expressed,’sell yourself’!] mention her book; “Whatever!”……

If you are as eager as I am, to learn more, Mitch invites you to stop by his Site, http://Imjustsharing.com
where there’s a host of important, yet easy-to-follow instructions which are bound to help you in the social media world! Mitch is also at twitter: http://twitter.com/mitch_m
I’m now following him, if you’re serious about getting it rightin this field, I invite you to do likewise.
Another enjoyable “Passions” programme, and as Bev so nicely put, “Not only is Mitch a joy to connect with, but he’s also, a baby boomer man!! Thanks to you both.