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Ovarian cancer, for too long has been labelled, the Silent Killer-
Our upcoming ‘online social media’ event, is planned to aim high, giving some real recognition to those who work ‘behind the scenes’ while chasing a dream…the need for an early screening method, to test women & girls for Ovarian cancer, this quest has been my passion!
The exciting news, is one of music’s most famous band member/co-founder & record producer’s, Rick Finch; of KC and Sunshine Band fame, will be fronting our cause!
GRF [GO research fund] and myself, are working hard to make this event a day unlike any other, and we hope many social networkers & friends, will make some time to participate. How? By finding anything of ‘teal’ colour, and displaying on the day!
STAY TUNED…….much MUCH more to be announced!