Blogging was something I’d shied away from, safely sticking within the confines of a forum. I loved sharing thoughts with others, probably because I love to talk, and what better way of doing so than by posting messages? The online friend who had introduced me to forums, had suddenly found a new toy! I’d dropped by to join another chat, only to find a “Ghost Room”, the forum empty, and my friend busily detouring everyone over to her new home, a Blog!

Years later, I became a baby boomer diva with women of my own age bracket, women doing remarkable things with their lives, and almost every single one, had a Blog, or two! My interest aroused, I wanted to know more. A Blog was definitely something worth trying, and why not? I wonder if I could do this? Before giving it any more thought, I took the plunge, daring to step outside my comfort zone, to join my sisters by sharing my thoughts and information with the world! One more challenge in life, and one that had been inspired by these incredible ladies to boldly go where I had never gone before.

Here we were, women over fourty flying through cyberspace at ridiculous speeds, taking risks and daring to test the waters on all new ideas, then reporting back eagerly share with others. I was on my way!

Already a published author, the world of Blogs became a vessel to opening more doors, with this, I found it easier to try my hand at other genres, posting pieces here and there, the online readers, posting critique. It was also a great medium for advertising my work, using the simple Blogspot device to start, then moving up to WordPress, I thank the genius who designed the wysiwyg text editing format!

Just like the boomer nation women, bloggers are always on the move!

My website had to take a back seat while I set up shop, and with advice from each person, I  took their tips and began putting to good use, but my first Blog required a title, a name which would reflect me-Freesiafever became the offspring of my website, A Scent Of A Freesia, still sharing similar information on ovarian cancer, but allowing me the space to explore, further expanding my need to talk, encouraging others to follow my lead. That’s what I define a baby boomer as in today’s world, a leader!

We have a wealth of life-experience under our belts, and we also have the skill and knowledge now to take us on greater adventures. The joy of reading a post you can relate to, the fun of hunting down new resources and tools, everything from widgets to feed burners, embedding music and videos, it never ends. I have at last found a place that can carry my voice, and thanks to various Blogs, have set it free! This diva from ‘down under’ has plenty to say, and plenty of Blogs that can meet all requirements.

I continue the ride of my life, meeting new people as I go, collecting new pointers while following  links, to even more Blogs.

It’s all about finding what a Blog, can do for you- With work, I have found it a faster tool for hosting, so now Blogging has replaced a website for  the music ezine I am affiliated with, it saves us so much more time, less headaches and quicker feedback! So you see, there’s a Blog for every occasion, and if we can do it, so can you!

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