With the sounds of Christmas
Echoing so loud in my ear
I noticed my spirit seemed lost
Like it had lost all its Christmas cheer
If not for the man I saw buying his tree
Nor the whispering carol tunes, that hauntingly followed me
If not for the prettiest of tinsels
Shimmering down each aisle
I’d not thought twice about Christmas
And a season so ever worthwhile
So focused on forgetting all that pain in me
It took some mere signs of life
To bring me back into reality
To face what my eyes had lost sight
It’s easy to slip with priorities
And its only others who understand
Sometimes we need a wakeup call
Or a little nudge from a loving hand
I had almost had lost sight of Christmas
Selfishly allowing myself to proceed
Not considering the heart’s of my loved ones
My indulgence ignoring their real needs
So I thank God for the man and his tree
I thank God for those Carols I heard
I thank God for the aisles of tinsel
But most of all, I thank God for giving his word!

“Christmas Gift” taken from Debbie’s 2nd book of poems, “A Piece Of  My Mind”-Special Edition 2006