Another week gone by, and another couple of kilo’s lighter!

Making it through Easter was a real test of strength!

The fridge always “topped-up” [in time for the Public holidays] for that unexpected-visitor, lovely fresh fish, hot cross buns and all those yummy chocolate Easter eggs are just some of the temptations I had to deal with as I continued the “new diet”-

Good Friday worked out well with the help of Google…..I had been to the Fish Markets on Thursday, but hadn’t considered cooking two separate meals. With enough Dory fish to feed a table of 6, there was still the issue of “how” I was preparing my meal…thank heavens for the internet, I googled-up a list of tasty ‘low-calorie’ fish recipes then checked the pantry for ingredients. It’s absolutely incredible how easy it is to create a healthy meal with little money AND little fuss…my choice was the Asian-marinade.

Using the fresh Dory fillets, I first cut the bigger pieces into smaller servings, then set aside in the fridge…then I made the Asian marinade:

4 shallots[finely chopped]/1 red onion[thinly sliced]/2 cm grated fresh ginger/4 tablespoons Soy sauce OR Sweet Soy/1 tablespoon Sesame oil

Blend the marinade in a bowl or dish, then soak fish for a couple of hours OR overnight.

Place fish & marinade into a foil wrap, tightly sealed…place on shallow baking tray of oven at

210 °Celsius for approximately 12-18mins or until fish falls off fork!

Serve with steamed rice & your choice of fresh vegatables.

This was so yummy, I made more marinade the following day but used it for some skinless chicken fillets which were then placed inside mountain bread with green leaves/carrot/cucumber slices/onion slices & ‘low fat’ BBQ sauce.

Voila!! Deb’s [healthy] Chicken Wraps!

Our Easter has been quiet & reflective and also very tasty!

God bless!