TITANS of TEAL campaign 2011

This year, the Feel Teal Club is delivering a new approach with a clearer emphasis on “survivors” and “supporters” of ovarian cancer.

We will give the public a “behind the scenes” look into our various projects, and the ongoing struggle each of us face in order to receive the same level of recognition as the “think pink” campaigns! Our mission is to ensure the public recognizes & understands the symptoms of ovarian cancer, whilst empowering them with tools they can use to address their own health concerns. Titans of Teal are proud, passionate and resourceful ladies, always creative and always supportive.
Here lies an opportunity to unite, bringing together a host of talent sharing a wealth of ideas and information, all to benefit their family/friends and community/s.Thanks to the internet, we hold a strong online presence of
ovarian cancer campaigners, warriors who posses a fighting spirit of gigantic proportion. Their strength comes in numbers, and the number of warriors continue to grow! Working as individuals, and often in groups,all sharing a common interest-advocating on behalf of all women, a voice for “awareness” while raising the status of ovarian cancer.We have fought a battle like no other, for this remains the only woman’s cancer which continues to exist without a test….it’s time the world gave us their full-attention.