As you listen to the humour served up by Shelly Ryan, be prepared for more than you had ever expected, for you are not only sharing the laughs, but also the journey!
From her side-splitting interpretations on “life”, to the hilarious spin on our childhood Nursery Rhymes, Shelly Ryan will take you on the trip of a lifetime, meeting different characters along the way…..sharing all the moments that make us laugh, while laughing at life!
Shelly has travelled many roads and has taken her comedy along for the ride…to familiar places and those unknown destinations, always a story left to be told!
Since our original launching of the Feel Teal campaign, Shelly has played an integral role in pushing the awareness message across to the general public. Much of her own energy drawn from the late great comedic genius, Gilda Radner.
The love and admiration Shelly held for Gilda, was immediately recognised and encouraged by the Feel Teal Club… the next platform for Shelly’s work!
Sharing her fond memories of Gilda, gave us another opportunity to share the ovarian cancer message….and so, another fork in Shelly’s road!
It has been such a pleasure working alongside this lady, and with the news of an impending book (which will also serve as raising funds for research) on her horizon, we look forward to taking the journey of a lifetime, please join us!

TITANS of TEAL is the latest campaign (by Feel Teal Club) publicly raising awareness to ovarian cancer, whilst spotlighting the many efforts by other supporters & survivors!