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I absolutely love gardening-its always very theraputic, something I get a great deal of satisfaction and enjoyment from and since my move to the Central Coast learning about other plants which are more suited to this climate has been a new challenge. Not one for “names”, I usually choose my plants by their appearance, and if I like what I see, just do a quick read of their “notes’ to familiarise myself with all its planting details and away I go.

This property came with a small established garden, consisting only of various cacti, desperately needing more life and colour! This in itself a challenge as we are renting, so I wasn’t sure whether it was wise to start something of my own? It only took a few months before I changed my mind, and so began the process of change!

It didn’t take too long before the garden was filled, mostly potted plants and as each one out grew its pot, I would transfer directly into the ground. There’s been a lot of trial and error in the process, some have survived and are really thriving while others simply didn’t make it, no matter what I tried.
If one fails, another will succeed, and so I simply replace one with another until I get it right. Whilst I’m  having a lot of fun experimenting with plants I once never gave much thought to, it’s also rewarding to see them in bloom!

Did I mention my garden ornaments? Always something to do!