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There are some days when the mind wanders and you find yourself preoccupied with a myriad of thoughts or locked in to a singular moment in time-today, was no exception.

This is a very busy time of year for Hallmark Cards as we are setting up all our Christmas displays store-to-store, suburb-to-suburb and this requires my full attention and complete concentration. But when you are handling greeting cards, especially during a holiday season, it’s easy to get lost in refelection about days gone by. With so many cards sharing images of times spent with loved-ones,talking about fun-filled adventures that create long lasting memories,I soon drifted off to my own special place….here’s a little glimpse into my daydream!


Children of summer dressed in denim and cheesecloth

Fishing rods & surfboards, the smell of copper toned-tans

Pitched-tents caravans & parks

Smokey b.b.q’s, beer ‘ mozzie-bites’ & calamine lotion

Combi’s & panel vans, music with long winding roads

Beach fires songs & tales

Summer romances, diaries & photo’s

Shells crabs seaweed & “blue bottles”

Sand-crusted skin & sand-filled toes

Long afternoons with late night “prawning”

Carnival rides, fairy-floss & hot-dogs

Boat lights across a still harbour

Say goodbye to a perfect holiday

Deb's Beach Shots

Lakes Beach-Budgewoi, N.S.W