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“Go ahead, make my bed” first written 2008



I can tolerate most household chores, with the exception of one or two tasks, but am I really alone??

When my children were mere tiny-tots, the daily routine never bothered me nor interfered with my lifestyle. I definitely had alot more energy AND time!

A complete contrast to the life I lead today-allow me to set the scene:

Wife [still] mother of two boys…the eldest now a man at the tender age of 23, the age I was when bringing him into this world.

The other a young teen [oh joy I hear you whisper…] indeed, HE IS! Pure joy! Completely opposite to his older siblings, but then I have learned the third child stands in a separate line of ‘pecking order’ and will often have the parent embarking on a new adventure, a new page. He hasn’t presented any sign of ‘rebel’ just yet, perhaps God feels I am worthy of a break? My baby boomer years seem to have mellowed my soul, so too, my immediate need to be a slave to the demands of others. I have more comfort in my skin, more words in my vocabulary and far bigger dreams!

Our loyal and loving family pet always seeks attention, and always receives. not as sprite nowadays, she too is beginning to feel the motions of growing older…

The demanding bark worn out, now she just speaks! Yes, that’s right, we have found another vehicle for communication which we are all comfortable with.

Just as the immortal Lassie displayed skills when danger loomed, so too our Sophie. Her uncanny knack of sensing peril, then finding ways of relaying this back to us has brought us so much closer. She has a gorgeous short hair, mocha brown/white coat, but sadly this has become one of my latest challenges! Now living in smaller quarters, I’ve found having her indoors does lead to many downsides. If only we could devise a method which sucked up dog hair each time she moved??? This could possibly give me back two hours a day pf my life, and lessen the back pain?!

We have a dishwasher in this cool modern little kitchen, but it’s of little use to me when trying to save on the power bill! So, another chore that is time consuming….never liked a sink with unwashed clutter, and I find its far better to clean AS you cook!

Washing clothes- now here’s something I have never really fussed with, ONLY when without a washing machine. I am sure there are plenty who can relate!There have been times in my adult life a situation arose, whereas I’ve had to rely on ‘back up’ resources…twin-tubs slow the laundry, but better than washing by hand.

Vacuuming the floors no big deal, that is of course…. [and we return to the dog hair dilemma] or the mud flaking off the soles of one person’s work boots!

Dusting….hmmm, this depends on the amount of furniture in the home, I learned along time ago [thanks to a wise mother] avoid gathering too many ‘dust collectors’! Ornaments are pretty, and pretty much a nuisance if you find you need a second wipe over! Why is it dust always seems to return within minutes of a good house clean??? BIG gripe!

Okay, I saved the best, for last!

Ironing……once upon a time, in a land, far far away, there lived a house with a young woman who ironed everything, from sheets, to under garments! Her dreams became her quest…to have the perfect laundry room, clothes continually washed, dried then pressed, and neatly packed away in their rightful place. Yep, like I said…once upon a time! These days, the clothes and pillowcases the only pressed items, anything else can wait! Who has the time OR the desires?? Not me! Life’s way too short to waste behind an ironing board, besides, there’s a bathroom screaming to be cleaned and dinner needs to be cooked…did i mention I haven’t made the bed??

Such is life, and I intend to make better use out of mine!!


Debbie Stevens©