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Why is it that so often, the best ideas/thoughts come to us when we are nowhere near a pen or computer?? Like tonight, for example-Here I was, enjoying the warmth of the shower, knowing that all my work had been completed, dinner dishes already washed and packed up, nothing for me to do but think of a good night sleep….So why on earth did I start thinking about Menopause & those affected by it? Seriously! What a strange thought to begin with, and why the shower? The next thing I knew my thoughts were becoming quite comical, with one image after the other, again sceaming out “Pick me! Pick me!” Okay, so rather than waste these strange, but slightly amusing thoughts, I’d like to run them by you.

Menopause was something I never really knew a great deal about, it was almost an alien -like monster that only existed on other planets! I’d come across a few women who at the time of our meeting, had the strange desire to share thier ‘menopausal moments’. I’d hear bizarre accounts of intense body perspiration, headaches, the jitters, insomnia and mood swings!As much as I would offer my deep sympathy, to me, they were indeed, one of these strange creatures, and as they told their stories I suddenly realised that perhaps, they were victims of alien abduction? It just didn’t seem humanly possible for any one to go through such a nightmare, then live to tell the tale? How could they live a ‘normal’ life with such horror and worst of all, having no control over it!? Well, here is one story of a real, close encounter…I won’t use names, let’s just say the woman is Lady X.
It was a lovely sunny afternoon, mid-summer in typical suburbia.
My 2 boys sat happily playing their video game in the comfort of our air-conditioned livingroom, I, feet up sipping a nice cup of tea. Suddenly, a loud THUD on my doorstep, followed by a crashing sound!
When I opened the door, I was shocked to see Lady X, cussing while she threw her luggage out of her car, onto my verandah! Her clothes drenched in sweat, her face, a firey red colour and her mood…well, scary! Now, Lady X had been staying in our home during her transition stage of moving house, a kind offer from my dear hubby…he had felt sorry for her and her predicament. I carefully stuck my hand out to offer support and almost had it bitten off! She was raging like a mad bull and I knew now was not the time to get in her way, so as she managed her own luggage, I gestured her direction to the back of my house, my children my first thought! Lady X could barely gain control, barely able to speak, she muttered “Just leave me alone, and I will be alright”
For the next half hour, while the kids still continued with their game, I found myself hiding in my bathroom, calling a friend for advice! Soon, the storm passed and it was safe to come back out….now, let’s get back to the shower….I recalled this event, and I then wondered….Why is it, that whenever a woman plays the role in a scary film, or a thriller, of a witch or a crazed lunatic, she usually appears to be of the age a woman who may very well be going through Menopause?
(Granted, these days we know much more about this affliction, so I probably shouldn’t be labelling or stereo-typing as it sadly happens to fems of different ages-however, I’d hazzard a guess the average age, is over 40.)

Let’s face it, the Wicked Witch from The Wizard of OZ, Cinderella’s wicked step-mother, the evil grandmother from “Flowers in the Attic”, all women portraying evil, scary and sometimes demonic characters, by women of middle age! Is there some sinsister hidden message here? Is this what we become??
I then had a vision of Jason’s crazed psychotic mum from “Friday the 13th”, the strange woman who worked in ‘Mandalay’ serving the ever so sweet Rebecca…look how whacko she was! I now have a real feeling of pity. Perhaps if someone had stopped and asked if they were having a ‘hot flash’, or maybe offer them some hormone replacements? My point here is never underestimate the severity of the symptoms…they really do exist but, we are NOT monsters, we merely need some tender loving and understanding. I know this for I too now join the line up…..and you better be nice to me!