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written 2007

I’d been dating this guy for just under a year, but our relationship already showed signs of ’failure’. So why would I take up his offer for a 2 week trip up to the sunny State of Queensland? Everyone knows the weather up north is warmer with an amazing coastline of sandy white beaches and azure cool waters, lovely scenery, great shops and clubs and then some! That was enough to lure me away from a stinking Sydney summer, even if it meant sharing this dream break with him! God knows I’d worked my butt off that year running the cafeteria for Jimmy while he sailed away on his break down to the south coast, taking with him our head waitress Jasmine!
Oh yes, a trip away for 2 glorious weeks was definitely worth taking, and so I did.

Mum had planned we share our last day of the Christmas break with her brother and his family. Paul & I arrived for lunch, but our car was packed ready to hit the road once we were finished eating and saying our farewells.
I was so excited, that even the smorgasbord of seafood and sweets weren’t enough to tempt me to stay. My mind was already in the car, and on the highway…it was only waiting for the body to follow!
Hugs and kisses soon exchanged, a plea to stay from mum, and another hug from me, off we went! I had no idea of distance back then, you just hopped on the roads that took you where you wanted to go and you drove the car. Seven hours into the trip, I was feeling stressed, hungry and tired. We stopped once, a cheap motel served its duties and I slept like a baby! But Paul was anxious to get going as he’d promised his brother we’d be up before the weekend which was only a couple of days away so my sleep cut short, a doona around my shoulders, and back on the road we went! I’d travelled these roads before, but that had been years ago with mum and dad so everything now looked so different

We arrived safe and sound, and were greeted by a tubby balding man as we crawled our car into the driveway of the caravan park. It was so dark and I remember thinking how huge the sky seemed to appear, with hundreds of little stars scattered across it as if a back drop for this incredible sight. We grabbed our duffle bags and were shown our beds.
For 9 days I enjoyed swimming, fishing, long walks along the beach and on the 9th night, even witnessed the amazing cycle of the female turtle as her previous laid eggs, hatched and the babies now all fought their way to the water, their new life.

The next morning I was woken to an argument-
Both brothers were embroiled in a heated exchange of words, and before I knew it, we were being asked to leave! A long standing disagreement had re-surfaced, just as the tide surfaced the seaweeds. Our dream trip to Bundaberg had been cut short, and we were now heading home! No time for questions ‘why’, just grab my belongings and go!
Then I heard him say…Well, I’m almost broke, so don’t expect much and we will just have to sleep in the car if we get tired!
So, my last memory of this trip are of images of two angry people, a loaf of bread, one can of spaghetti, long sleepless sweaty nights fighting off mosquitoes!
Home was a sight for sore eyes!!!