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Worldwide, the colour TEAL was chosen to represent Ovarian cancer, though sadly,  it is still yet to be widely recognised.
Globally we know to “Think Pink” for Breast cancer and there’s a constant source of funding flowing as a result-

For Ovarian cancer to achieve the same status, “Feel Teal” came into existence-

This year, our club is delivering a new approach with a clearer emphasis on “survivors” and “supporters”….giving the public a “behind the scenes” look into our various projects, & the ongoing struggle we face in order to receive the same level of recognition as the “think pink” campaigns!!

What makes a “titan of teal”?

She is many things…..
A survivor, supporter,friend, sister, daughter, nanna, mother, wife…..she is a nurse or a poet, an actress….a comedian who honours a “fallen” commrade, a daughter remembering her mother, a musician sharing a tune…a child.
She is passionate & resourceful and a positive force!
She LOVES the colour “teal” and will walk, run or paint her toenails to proudly show it!
She is gentle and kind but can be strong and loud! She thrives on creative ideas, no task too big or too hard!
She is tenacious and determined….her convictions are unwavering…..she inspires & offers hope to everyone… her passion is contagious! She always sees a bigger picture with an enthusiasm to share her vision….her committment is admirable, she won’t take “no” for an answer!
She owns a website or Blog, and most likely a Facebook page or Group….
With wings to fly she carries her message…..always about “awareness”…….always to feel the teal!

For further reading about Ovarian cancer please check out the links on this Blog, or visit us at Facebook!