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While recuperating offline, grabbed a pen and paper to write a little story…used a writing prompt titled “The Uninvited Guest”….enjoy!

Knocking on door 01Eagerly awaiting her friends arrival, Annie laid out the platter of crackers and cheese, placed the wine on ice and grabbed her best deck of cards.

Sue, Jas and Annie were the best of pals, never a cruel word or argument between them, and Friday nights were a regular event, nothing but good mates good food and plenty of laughs! Sue was this week’s designated driver so on her way home from work, would stop at the local florist, pick out a bright bouquet for Annie, then swing by and collect Jas who would then ask they stop and buy a box of chocolates…the one thing they all shared in common, they all had a sweet tooth! The gifts were their way of thanking Annie for her hospitality….nothing was ever a bother, and that included providing each girl with a bed for the night.

They played numerous games of Switch, Poker and Fish, then on went the music and out came the wine!The hours flew by and before any had noticed, it was almost time to call it a night…”Okay girls, think we had better make this our last drink, I”m on duty in less than 6 hours so have to get some sleep? Besides, we can pick this up when I get back tomorrow night…I don’t have another shift like this until Tuesday! both Sue and Jas smiled in acknowledgment, they knew Annie’s role as a nurse was demanding.
Annie was just topping-up their glasses when they were suddenly interupted by a knock at the front door.

“Expecting someone?” Jas asked….Annie shook her head, and got up to check. Tip-toeing ever so carefully, she spied through the peephole, her eyes almost popping out of their socket! The expression on her face funnily matched that of her friends, “Who is it?” they whispered simultaneously….”Oh my God” mouthed Annie…”Remember that guy I was telling you about? The real cute one from the gym….It’s him!!”

Annie did a quick check in the hallway mirror, tidied her hair then unlocked the door. Just as she flicked on the outisde light, he turned around….dressed in tight fitting black jeans, a white shirt and wearing that sexy smile, he quickly apologised for the late hour, then re-introduced himself…”In case you’ve forgotten, I’m Craig”….an awkward silence fell….”Um, we met at the gym last week? Look I’m really sorry, but it would appear I’m a bit lost??” Annie was still in a state of shock….”Sooo why are you here, and how did you get my address?”Annie eased a hand over the screen door checking it was locked.
Craig began to fumble through his pocket before producing a crumpled bit of paper…
“I was meant to be going here”, Annie read the scribbled details and smiled,
“I know this place, you’re not so lost after all!” she pointed down the road, showing Craig exactly where he was meant to be going, then asked him again “How did you find me?” An audience had gathered behind her, each girl curious to hear his response.

“I got lucky I guess, just happened to see your car parked out the front, and let’s face it Annie, its a dead give away!” there was that sexy grin again.
Yes, it was true. The bright yellow paint job on her VW “beetle” with the black/yellow personalised number plates was an unmistakable sight throughout her town. Craig once more apologised for his rude interuption and thanked Annie for answering her door. He glanced at his watch, bid the girls a “goodnight” and stepped down off her porch. He only got as far as the end of her drive way when Annie called him back. “Um, you know Craig, I’m off work a little earlier tomorrow night, and well now that you know where I live……?”
With a nod and a wink, he was gone….but Annie knew he’d be back.