Thanks to my dear friend for posting this picture on her Facebook timeline, where she encouraged people to use their imagination and write something…here’s my interpretation which I have titled, “If These Walls Could Talk”.

old house

If these walls could talk, what stories would they share?

The old woman stared from beyond the film of dust which had caked itself onto the windows….the aging relic of what once was, her home.

The years hadn’t been kind, and the house now visibly showing its age…what would become of it, she wondered, looking at the paint cracked and peeling on all its walls. The house had a long history, probably dating back to the turn of the 20th century, and it had been her home for as long as she could remember.
Once a hive of activity, full of life and beauty inside and out, but it had been neglected and now likley to be sold, or demolished, whichever came first. Tears now filled her eyes as she reflected on her past…walking through each room reliving special memories…the kitchen, the focal gathering point of her family, the room where she was born and where she could still see herself as a child, seated at the family table…her brothers & sisters, her parents and gran-parents, voices that still echoed throughout. So many things around her had changed, cupboards were broken and some hanging off their hinges, the once polished floorboards had lost all the gloss and lustre, now dull and creaking with greater risk of breakage,just like her old bones!
She walked outside and stood on the delapidating porch…it too had fallen by the wayside. Again she saw her past,  her mother carrying an old water can, carefully watering flowers which grew in abundance in the garden surrounding their home…..there was nothing left now, not even a reminder of what was, just a dry patch of lawn. She looked up to see a group of young boys had gathered by the front fence, pointing and whispering…they had called her home “haunted”, and were probably right….for it was filled with ghosts of yesteryear…the once inviting property sadly no longer a reason to be ‘house proud’….it had served its time.