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I love finding articles/stories which were written so long ago that I hardly recognise them as my own. This post puts a slight twist to life on the net, but it just goes to show how much time was spent on promoting my work-everything from newsfeeds to social media and all the handy little gizmo’s which the internet had to offer back in 2008. Welcome to the Internet Zone….originally posted at Mispoetic’s blog, http://mispoetic-debbiestevens.blogspot.com.au/2008/02/youre-part-of-zone.html


Youve reached your destination, and log in.
You hand over your details…a name, a passowrd. You have gained access into another world. You have now crossed over the dimension. You have entered, Internet Zone…….

Yes, here you are, in the immediate future. You are welcomed by the many cyberspace connections, who here, are your closest friends! Those that aren’t, are either now deleted, possibly black-listed…work is at your fingertips, and you have every available tool known to cyberman. Though you are always trying to keep up with the next creation, which makes life on the internet, an even faster race! Life lives on a page….the very existence or this cyber-community and each page is linked to another, then another and so on…Google is our guide. This daddy of all search engines, knows where EVERTHING is! Boy, he’s good! How often does he tell you:”I’m sorry, there is no listing of that person” and then suddenly disconnect from you!?

The lists of homes include the recently more affordable, simple and chic style, known as the Blogs! This page is a home like no other. It has made room for it’s visitors to be on your door-step, but by announcing themselves, almost immediately as they enter! There’s no need to take your turn in the still popular, Guestbook pages, this simply held back by the fact it sits within someone’s premisies, usually requirung a visit to more pages to become familiar…No, with the Blog, what you see is pretty much what you’re going to get, so most are now jumping frequently from one, to the next.
We have been introduced to their own set of inredibly handy, and quite promotional set of tools! Everything from your feedburners to blidgets! RSS/atoms, they are both what starts a page on the road to popularity, but with these little beauties, we can take them with us and have them shaped into our own promotional ads. What’s best, they’re free! We get a feed, and we get to dress it up…our many designers offer the cyberian, ONLY what they want. So you can get a widget, have it tailored to your specific needs, or a cool blidget, which will amuse your own visitors..let’s face it, we STILL like to ‘keep with the Jones’s’! I spent an entire day window shopping for mine! I picked up a widget, a blidget and then, went back for a chiklet! While on my way home, I saw a sign flashing from another home, so i followed it and now have a ‘headliner’, and it TOO flashes! Well, when i checked my purse, sure enough, I still had a list of feed urls just waiting to be fed! They all have their own section, so we like to call them our folders…they fit just about anywhere, and if you haven’t had time to stop at the folder depot while out on your daily rounds, you know it’s best to have them on you!

I just LOVE shopping at Newsgator, but have noticed that Grazr is catching up, and most of our feeds can now be passed onto our community networks FOR US! LOVE their clipboards! How nice of them. Saves time copying that code then having your poor old mouse dragging it all over town! He’s really only needed to see the load has been saved okay..Yes, we are moving rapidly towards the future, we stumpleupon, snipperoo, Hikkup, twitter, Typad, pagii, taggfy, myspace, yahoo, facebook, msn,bepo and so on…then you stop. The groups are calling and there are posts to reply to! Minimize the networks, turn off your YouTube, concentrate! But when God says, ENOUGH ALREADY….you are BOOTED!
So where in the world are you right now?