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Classes for Clutter?

Are you someone who finds it hard to let go of belongings? I am talking of those things that find their way into the spare room, that empty shoe boxes and the like?
It isn’t always something we need to store away, not like a receipt of payment or important paperwork such as a birth certificate, mortgage papers and so on…it is usally cards, nick nacks and bric-a-brac……the christmas card you just can’t let go of because dear old Aunty ‘Jane’ sent or the collection of post-cards so out-dated you can barely make out who the sender is?? Those gorgeous pieces of art your adult child drew, from every year of school….we are all guilty of this in one way or another, but we are human. This is what we do. But what happens when you become obsessed with your belongings to the point you need to attend a WORKSHOP to ‘unclutter’ your lives?I am serious! While surfing through google, I pondered a subject which many of us could identify with, clearing out clutter came to mind. Upon my first page at Google, I happened upon this:


  • Clutter blocks the energy in your life from flowing
  • Clutter can create prosperity and abundance to stagnate
  • Clutter will clog up your cash flow
  • Clutter can create difficulty within relationship
  • Clutter can create ill health
  • Clutter limits your ability to Focus and Learn
    Clutter can create lack of inspiration personally and professionally

Yes, a workshop to teach us how to ‘let go’ and move on…Well,I was amazed by this and thought just how many people need this kind of help just to ‘spring clean’? Well folks, for $220 {AU} you can find out!
I wish these classes well, but at the same time hope those who do find it hard letting go of their ‘clutter’, can do so without the need to attend a class?


Maybe save that $220 and put towards hiring a rubbish skip instead!


But in all seriousness, collecting ‘clutter'(or better known as “hoarding”) can lead to far bigger problems and a perfect example is in this video.
A law student for ten years, this 56 year old woman has lost herself in decades of clutter and lost all grip on reality.
My question is this, “When does enough become enough?”