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You know the saying, “Ignorance is Bliss” right?

[Meaning of the proverb: unawareness,inexperience of something unpleasant;The lack of knowlege to a situation. Usually once the whole truth is revealed you realize you were happier being clueless.]

There’s absolutely no shame in wanting to steer yourself clear of anything that frightens you, it’s a perfectly normal human reaction which most of us feel from time to time. But by doing so, aren’t we giving “fear” more power to control us? And what if the “fear” we are hidng from, pertains to our well-being, a health-related issue that needs immediate attention to avert future suffering, aren’t we then  placing ourselves at greater risk through avoidance? There’s such a greater public awareness for the growing 20th Century ailments that afflict us, yet so many still choose to walk around wearing blinkers, ignoring what’s in front of them. They find bliss, through their ignorance, which when you think about it,  is a complete contradiction to all we are being urged to taught for our survival!
Don’t we then owe it to ourselves, and those we love to be more proactive in these areas of our lives?
A dilemma I sat chewing over late this afternoon whilst waiting my turn in a skin cancer clinic. The fear of the “unknown” had my stomach in knots, already playing out my visit and just what the doctor would find, and I wasn’t too far wrong! With a family history of skin cancer(among other things) today’s appointment would confirm what I had longed feared, that the marks on my face were indeed cancerous and would require further investigating. So as the doctor began explaining the details of my upcoming proceedure, involving a biopsy & stitches, it occured to me I should be thankful he didn’t locate more, this the result of acting promptly!

So to those of you who find refuge the safest bet, spare yourself the agonising torment that fear creates and face it head-on…the more power you allow your fears to have, the more likely it will win. Take back the controls and give yourself a fighting chance!

“The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself”-Franklin D Roosevelt