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Today was the day I decided it was time to get cracking with Christmas decorating-deck the tree and deck-out the home.
Imagine then the look on my face when I realised we’d been robbed!


Christmas 2013


Our christmas tree in 2013

The garage had been the storage place for all our Christmas belongings, everything neatly packed away and stored until the following year.
Hessian bags and boxes containing a collection of everything under the sun:tinsel & baubles, ribbons & elves, decorations hand-crafted by children and other family members, christmas stockings & lights. Years worth of memorabillia that hold too much sentiment to ever be replaced, and will be noticeably missed. The fairy who adorned our tree for more than two decades, Christmas bags which were  were hung-out religiously every Christmas Eve, no longer a part of our lives.

As the search continued my heart was racing and my palms wet…with a sense of desperation we tipped the house upside-down… all the while I held onto a false-hope that by some miracle, we would stumble upon the whereabouts of these treasures…it wasn’t to be.
Then came the tears and the questions..”why?” What value would these items be to anyone, but us? How can people be so cruel?

These are the kind of thoughts that can send a person quite mad because you suddenly find yourself dredging up other memories which seem attached to your belongings…memories of loved-ones and of days gone by, those we have lost and are now missing all over again….the grief has re-emerged from the depths of your soul, like a sunken ship rising from the ocean floors….a wave of emotions had swept through me and I felt myself being carried away with each one.
Yet as I relayed the events to my youngest son, the panic slowly subsided, and I heard myself reassuring us both…”I’ll just have to start all over”.
There’s no bringing back what once was….whatever reason lay behind this rotten luck, it had happened, and I needed to brush it off to keep going about the day.

So now that I’ve had a few hours alone to take it all in, I have made up my mind that this is the year to create NEW Christmas memories- starting tomorrow, I’ll be shopping around for some new treasures….and a padlock!


Christmas 2013