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With it being the “silly season”, what better time for some fun so thought I’d put together a little list of my favourite top 10 movies.
I love a good drama, (especially when its a biography) , thrill when on the edge of my seat watching a horror or mystery and always have time for a good laugh. Not a huge sci-fi or action fan, so when it comes to the selection process the latter would be a last resort-However, I have recently stumbled upon a few worth mentioning possibly in another post.movies-film
Narrowing this list down to 10 was no easy feat and could easily have made it much longer, but then you would have been here all day!
I’ve also caught a few of the more recent films over the last few weeks, some really surprised and delighted me, whilst others, well they didn’t even survive the closing credits! The few I did enjoy will need to wait their turn as I am yet to decide if they stack up as a film worth watching a second (or third) time. The following collection defintely make the “Good for a Repeat” list. Enjoy!

In no particular order:

  • “Gone With The Wind”
  • “A Streetcar Named Desire”
  • “Rebecca”
  • “The World According To Garp”
  • “Mr.Holland’s Opus”
  • “Flawless”
  • “Planes Trains And Automobiles”
  • “The Talented Mr.Ripley”
  • “Shawshank Redemption”
  • “Meet The Fockers”