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Seems working my second job has left next to no time for my hobbies, including this blog.

I continue to use any spare time for researching my family tree:the quest to put all the pieces of this puzzle together seems never-ending, but there’s also my love for reading.
I can go months at a time without picking up a book, but the moment I do, I’m like a “dog with a bone”, extrememly dedicated, committed to finishing before the hunt for new books to add to my library begins. I have a tendancy to shop for books/authors I am not familiar with, love to be surprised!

There was a time I concentrated only on Non-Fiction, but once I stepped out of comfort zone found there were just as many interesting fictional stories with characters I immediately connected with, some I consider “friends”!
I guess it helps when you have friends who just happen to be authors:thanks to them, over the years I’ve had opportunities to read quite a mixed-bag of material, and generally these were works of fiction.
One writer stands out from the crowd, and that is Elizabeth Melton Parsons (E.G.Parsons).It has been through her wonderful selection that I found a whole new respect for this genre, even attempting to write a few myself, though I find it a safer bet to leave this to the experts!

So even though I have always been attracted to True Crime/Biographies and History, the odd tale from a Mystery/Thriller or Fantasy certainly sparked a new interest. We live in a  world that is constantly writing and publishing, breathing new life onto blank pages which are just waiting to be shared. How exciting!

Some of what I've read...including "Captive Fear" by E.G.PARSONS

Some of what I’ve read…including “Captive Fear” by E.G.PARSONS