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A recent trip to the doctor was the catapult needed to get my life back on track.

“Debbie, your blood test has returned a high reading of your cholesterol….hop on the scales!” And there it was, staring me smack-bang in my face….every donut and home-baked cake, the extra sprinkling of mozarella cheese on the pizza, those scrumtious potato bakes with cream and butter, the many morning coffee’s and those dam slices of bread! Each one (just to name a few) had come back to bite me well and truly, so now I had no other choice but to make some changes, and fast!

It had only been 4 years ago that I’d gone on a total get-fit venture, combining a high intensity workout regime along with a low GI, low fat and complete sugar free diet, which saw me lose 12 kilos in about 6 weeks…..I had kept the weight down and was going great-guns, right up until the death of my dad. Within 2 years, I’d managed to gain 10 kilos back, simply by “comfort eating” and no real exercising. The latter was also hampered by the fact I’d sustained a work injury and required surgery to repair a hernia.   Seeing my weight gain on those scales was enough to snap me back to reality, and 5 days ago I began the climb back to a healthier, fitter me!

I had downloaded a few of those handy “workout” apps, but to be honest they just didn’t give me any real motivation, but then I came across another…the “Dance Workout”! This cool app offers a choice of dance style workouts, everything from aerobics to belly-dancing……you decide what suits. My favourite so far, and one I’m already seeing results is the Walking with Leslie Sansone whereby she includes power walking with some core-strength building and high intensity aerobics. The video I’ve included here is just one sample, but Leslie has put together a string of these which are readily available via Youtube. So if you’re looking for an exercise programme that will give you a guaranteed calorie burning workout for weight loss and/or full body tone-up which is a lot of fun, I highly endorse the Walk From Home collections.

And remember to download the Dance Workout app from Google Play!