Thought I’d include a few more posts from more neglected blogs.
Again, these are blogs I had started but after a few years, lacked the time to keep up with….Healthier Awareness was an original idea I had about promoting different health issues, this would later become 1 Stop Awareness.
At any time, I always encourage readers to add any “updated” or further information by way of comments.


This first post gives a few important details about Addsions Disease.

Like many other diseases, Addisons is just one more that hardly any of us understand or know enough about.

This disease is life threatening for so many so hopefully my info will give you some insight into one person’s world-

The Disease:

NO adrenal glands –(stop producing cortisone)

NO electrolytes

NO hormones

These are all gone!!

Some suffer pigmentation of the skin (artificial suntan)

Often the person suffers salt cravings which is usually related to their blood pressure being too low

Feeling of faintness

Have appetite but food does not digest once eaten

Some people suffer ‘phantom’ tummy pain

What to Watch for:

Passing out and /or Speech impairment