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Don’t you just love a good list? When words elude me, I find putting a list together can variably lead to other ideas, kind of like an extension of each point. I began doodling with topics but it wasn’t until a story began to unfold that I realised this list had other ideas.
The topic: Things you’d find in your pockets/bags/cupboards
Immediately my hand was jotting down items, things I could name off the top of my head so knew this was going to be easy.

The things is, I just LOVE collecting bags- different styles and colours, and if I had it my way, I’d have one for every day of the week. Guess you could say I’m the Imalda Marcos of bags! The bigger the bag, the more I tend to carry which can also become a problem when trying to find something, especially if in a hurry!
You’ve seen Mary Poppins, right? Short of pulling out a lamp, I do tend to over do it, but if asked, my motto is that I like to  “be prepared!”
I believe its only natural that my bags contain all the essentials and goodies they may be required to possess, which too often leads to over-indulgence on my part. The saying “carrying everything BUT the kitchen sink” has a lot of truths to it! But I ask you, what’s the point of designing & marketing large bags if we aren’t going to fill them? What would be the point? I have so much admiration for these accessories, they are an important part of my wardrobe as well as serving many a useful purpose. I cannot walk past a bag shop without stopping to have a peek….even if only to smell the new leather!


My GORGEOUS ‘teal’ bag

The List (In no particular order)

    • coins
    • keys
    • lollies
    • tissues
    • prescriptions
    • shopping dockets
    • perfume
    • paper clips
    • pens
    • mobile phone
    • shopping/to-do lists
    • bottled water
    • make-up