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A day like any other….out shopping for some odds and ends, and then decided to treat myself and MM (mere male) to a cappuccino.

While I waited on our order, I encouraged MM to find us a table, but he was less than enthusiastic about shifting…”It’s too crowded” he moaned, “Here will do?”. Though his idea of a good spot meant those awful plastic chairs to which I am NOT a fan. Now if you want something done right, you know the drill! I grabbed some of the bags and made a beeline for a 2 seater- table, then gestured for him to follow. Once the coffees were ready I sat down and began rummaging through the bags of “goodies”, really pleased with how well we scored on some of the items, even happier knowing I still had change for that cute pair of black “Mary Jane” shoes!
By now, MM had struck up a conversation with the man sitting at the next table, and as usual, managed to put me right into the midst of it all with his dry wit. As the man continued to chat, I felt a strange familiarity about him yet we had never met before. He had been waiting on his wife to return, softly telling me he believed she had been gone for quite awhile, which became the joke he and MM shared…”Women and shopping!” As it turned out, his wife had left him to watch the trolley and its groceries, while she shopped with a neighbour for other things…obviously the dear old man would have slowed them down. “These aren’t even my groceries” he went on to tell me, “They belong to our next door neighbour”. As with many of our elderly community, he had recently been forced to hand in his drivers license, but was now feeling a sense of “loss”. He had been driving since the age of 18,  (I would estimate him now to be in his mid-late 80’s) pretty much all of his life…so sad. We chatted for a bit longer until a woman arrived to collect him….saying goodbye, this dear old man wished me a beautiful day and shuffled off with his walking frame.
As both MM and I sat discussing this lovely moment we had shared, I told him how much this old man had reminded me of someone.

He had reminded me of my father…..and how badly I am missing him.