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20140805_130156Seems I am spending less time writing these days and more time gardening. Not really complaining, but wish I could find a way to balance both? With that in mind, wondered if perhaps I needed to create a regular post dedicated to my “little darlings”-
I mean let’s face it, our plants ARE like our babies requiring loads of love and attention on a daily basis and have quite a collection now.
Be that my new job involves servicing a local nursery am bound to see an influx of new additions!




My gorgeous nemesia hybrid, but you can call her “cherries on ice”

My first day on the job was all about learning & recognising the many suppliers and their plants – a rather daunting day considering how many different plants were on display so kept reminding myself to take it slow…baby steps. A quick tour around the nursery where all the daily procedures were explained, including the way in which deliveries are received and dispatched. Each plant (whether in trays or just batches) are placed onto a tall trolley which is then checked by the store’s nursery staff and then left for the sub-contractor/merchandiser(yours truly)to unload. As my day came to an end, I felt as though my head was swimming with details so the first chance I had went for a little stroll to check out their ‘vegie’ seedlings….what a range! Time for some flowers….I’d spied a couple of “specials” (please don’t ask their names….another lesson lol..) which appeared to be in desperate need of a home with some “tlc”……perfect!



I wasn’t sure if this little darling was from the Iberis or Nemesia family but after a bit of a “google” believe she belongs to the latter. See more here: http://www.stylesolutionplants.com.au/Plant.aspx?plant_id=1305

All in all I’d say this is one job that is different to anything I’ve ever undertaken previously and has some obvious perks….the downside (for me) lies with the labour…not sure my back is equipped for those heavy trolleys (often fully loaded) so only time will tell and with Spring steadily approaching, well it’s not something I want to think about right now! The sun is out in all her glory and I have sat here typing long enough…now where did I leave that spade?

A rescued "lobelia"

A rescued “lobelia”


Scored this little azalea from one of the independant nurseries here on the coast.

Scored this little azalea from one of the independant nurseries here on the coast.

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