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What a difference a month can make.

 After only 8 weeks at my second job, I’d been toying with the idea of quitting after I came home almost buckling at the knees with pain! The nursery is a great place to work but not for someone who has had a history of injuries…hauling endless amounts of trolleys then unloading to “merchandise” the plant stock really took its toll and inevitably saw me struggling to get out of bed the following day. Against better judgment, I battled on and with the help of some pain relief medication actually survived a further week’s work. But common sense prevailed and I had to make the decision…continue on in pain, and most likely wind up with much worse problems, or face the facts that I wasn’t “cut out” for this kind of work and hand in my resignation. I guess my biggest concern was accepting I’d be back to relying on one wage, but my health HAD to come first so quit, I did.
The first week home wasn’t too bad and I actually managed to make the most of resting while  kicking back with a couple of good movies…a nice change, much less stress on my mind AND body. Because we had been having some glorious sunny days it was also a great time to be out and about the beaches and in my gardens…with so much time on my hands what better way to spend a day?
It was the first week of October when we (partner & I) decided to take a trip to Lakes Beach at Budgiewoi…truly one of those days that felt like “Summer”, even though still only early Spring and not at all surprised to find the beach buzzing with activity. As I made my way up the path towards the sand I passed a guy in a wetsuit who told me of a seal that had beached itself not far from where he’d been surfing so with a quickened step we hurried over to get a closer look.lepoard seal on beachlepoard seal on beach 2

Leopard Seal-Lakes Beach Budgiewoi

Leopard Seal-Lakes Beach Budgiewoi

What a sight to see! Seems this poor creature had somehow made a wrong turn somewhere on its travels as he/she was from the Antarctica…guess it needed a rest before setting off for home!
Apparently the seal had been under the watchful eyes of the team from ORRCA as this wasn’t the first time it had been spotted in the waters of the Central Coast so they were very pleased when I advised them of this cool visitor.
Back home, and I took to the garden in an attempt to get more work done while the weather was fine-good thing as only a few days later we were hit by a massive storm which uprooted trees and power-lines all over Sydney’s suburbs and reaching all the way to the South coast before landing up here on the North.
No real damage here, thank goodness and once it passed, was pleased to see how much the plants had all suddenly bloomed, not to mention the vegies!!

After the storm....

After the storm….

Alive with colour!! Look at these glorious faces on my "piggies"!!

Alive with colour!! Look at these glorious faces on my “piggies”!!

Home grown Beetroot!

Home grown Beetroot!

There’s a bit of work to be done to the lawn out front after a recent mishap….the weed-killer I’d used to kill off all nasty weeds killed off the grass leaving a few obvious signs of my handy work…a trip to Bunnings for a bottle of “Patch Magic” which should (fingers crossed) return the lawn to its rightful state, if not better! “Patch Magic” is a combination of lawn seeds, fertilizer and mulch-

First dose of Patch Magic.

First dose of Patch Magic.



Took a few “before” shots and will keep monitoring its progress to see just how good this product really is.

So even though I’m no longer working 2 jobs, I still have my work cut out for me 🙂 Happy days!