Have you ever had a dream so upsetting that the memory and feelings from it stayed with you for the rest of the day?
Have your dreams ever included people from your past, people you barely knew or those who have been dead for years? Last night’s dream had all the above and even now, almost 24 hours from when I first dreamt this rather disturbing event I am still reeling from it!
I can pretty much self-explain most parts as they relate to a personal issue which I’ve been dealing with now for a number of years (the sad, long estrangement between my daughter and myself) but as to “why” the appearance of a couple of others happened to turn up there, had me wondering “how” they fitted into the scenario. So I have spent a good few hours researching our dreams and hidden meanings and believe I have solved the mystery.

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For the most part I’d say their involvement came via some thoughts I had in my head yesterday, and hence they simply spilled-over into this particular dream…seems the conscience will look for bits and pieces you have stored and somehow try to match them up, a bit like the brain  “looking for cross references—seeing if it fits. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t which can often result in those really bizarre dreams!!

Whilst searching the net I came across this useful bit of information which discusses “dreaming of people you know” titled

Dreaming of people you know: A Checklist

People are such perfect dream symbols for your various beliefs, issues, thoughts, feelings, attitudes, memories, and experiences, but sometimes you need a little extra help in narrowing the field when interpreting the meaning of a certain person in a particular dream.

Here’s that little extra help. Use this checklist (an extract from my book, Dream Alchemy, 2nd edition, published by Hachette). Answer the questions until something clicks.


1.    What is the personality of this person (three words or phrases)?

2.    How does this person approach life (three words or phrases)?

3.    When was the last time you saw, heard of or interacted with this person?

4.    What were the circumstances of your answer to question 3?

5.    How would you feel if you met this person today?

6.    Who else does this person remind you of?

7.    Is there a pun or different meaning in this person’s name?

8.    What role does this person play in the world?

9.    What role does this person play in your life?

10.    Which three things do you admire about this person?

11.    Which three things do you dislike about this person (be honest!)

12.    Do you have any unresolved feelings or business with this person? If so, what?

13.    What belief might you have borrowed from this person?

14.    Do you need to make peace with this person?

15.    If you were to meet this person today, what message would you like to deliver?


Remember that everyone and everything in a dream represents something about you, and dreams reflect your mind’s processing of the last couple of days. Use the checklist to trigger a connection between what that person means to you and what has been happening in your life during the last 24-48 hours. Then add that insight into the mix when interpreting the other details of your dream

My insight:
This is very easy-
In my dream, she was a very sick newborn baby and I had rushed to be by her side…during my attempts to be with her I encountered many faces from my past, including her father and some of his friends and family. They were all seated in and around the hospital room while my daughter was in a type of humidicrib with a tube inserted into her arm (vein)…looked like a blood transfusion. As I desperately prayed for her to survive, her father began heckling me to which I felt a great deal of anger building up inside. I ran up to where he was sitting and using some profanities began screaming at him. This actually felt quite good in the dream, as if I had really “let go”!
Returning to my girl’s side, I pleaded for her to know how very much I had loved her… she became weaker, and I was screaming for the nurses to save her…they couldn’t, and in this dream, she died.

Going by my checklist results, (and the last 24-48 hours) I am obviously wanting more time with her, and I still carry a lot of anger towards her father. This is nothing I didn’t already know, but just shows how much the issue weighs on my mind…the need for us to “make peace” before time runs out! The “baby” could be associated with the fact that I had watched a very sad video and re-posted here at my blog (https://deliberatelydebbie.wordpress.com/2014/11/15/daddy-blackbird/)
So you see, most dreams CAN be explained.