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Am embarking on a new project, the first for this new year.
Have decided to create another book,(an eBook) but this time it will be a joint effort with a dear friend, who is also a fine poet!
The following poem will be included….enjoy!

“Ode to first love”

Norah Head, N.S.W

Norah Head, N.S.W

Past broken moors and sandy shores, she watched and waited
Her true love
On the sands where they first kissed she sat and reminisced
Their first time
A wade through the ponds she remembered “their song”
The promise
A stroll to the bay where they laughed and they played
Best friends
Clutching the shells against the heart that swelled, she wondered
Down to the docks over moss-covered rocks, she cried
Through salt-crusted eyes she looked to the skies
Her hopes now dashed as each wave crashed
Her skin cold and wet as the sun slowly set
The End

By Debbie Stevens