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Some days I swear I feel older than I should….and much more vulnerable.
I don’t mind admitting that I tend to be very self-conscious of my appearance so any weight gain or sign of grey hairs can be enough to rattle my self-confidence.
A perfect example of this came about on my visit to see a Physiotherapist yesterday-

I’d carried a great deal of uncertainty and concern about this appointment.
My reservations based on a terrible past experience that occurred whilst attending regular physio sessions arranged by Work Cover on my behalf.
That alone is another story, so let’s just say I was far from eager to have another crack at it, almost postponing for another time.
Arriving early to allow for parking and paperwork, this gave me time to get in a few text messages, check my email and do a quick browse of Facebook.
As my appointment drew nearer the receptionist looked up from her desk and told me I was next to go in….just as she finished her sentence a door swung open and out came the the previous appointment-a tall woman…tanned, toned and completely ‘muscle-bound’!
I mean this lady had muscles on her muscles! Every muscle contoured and glistening under her tawny skin…bulging biceps set-off by her taut triceps and her legs in equally top shape. This woman had not one ounce of fat on her body, not unless her big toe was hiding something! “So I’ll see you next week” she announced, followed by “I’ll be sure to do extra squats”! Squats?! Crikey, the last time I had a go at this I couldn’t walk for days!
And so she left, appearing to almost bounce right off the walls and out into the street!
Did I mention she was young?

So now it was my turn….GRRREAT! I felt like I was walking onto a stage…how could I possibly follow that act??!!
So in I walk…UN-tanned, UN-toned just every floppy wobbly jiggly jelly piece of me.
Why me? I thought….why me? This guy sure has got his work cut out for him today!
But I didn’t have time to wallow in self-pity and after a brief introduction he had me flat on my back checking the rotation levels of my hips, all good there!A few stretches, a bit of manipulating and a list of exercises to do at home-The prognosis: A few areas of concern but thankfully (with a few sessions) very treatable, along with a few exercises to build up my ‘very poor core’ and strengthen a ‘weak gluteal’.
Not to worry, the outcome could have been far worse and I have a couple of things in my favour- I still have age on my side and the incentive! That’s right, I’m still young enough to work on getting back into shape and free myself of pain. I don’t kid myself, there’s a bit of work ahead of me and it won’t be as easy as before, but it can be done.