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I was just reminded of the different seasons we experience, from each corner of the world. As the winter snow begins to melt away my US friend is enjoying the first signs of Spring,sharing some lovely photos taken during her walk. https://elizabethmeltonparsons.wordpress.com/2015/03/11/spring-for-a-day/ Loved the purple crocus!! I decided to share a taste of our current season…we have fare-welled Summer and all her squelching hot days,  and welcomed in the new season of Autumn. Not a lot of colour, but definitely some growth, especially in the vegie patch. Autumn is a season of “pruning preparing & planting” for all the seasons to come…and so have begun planting some new seeds and will keep ‘everything crossed’ that each one a success!

peas n capsicums

My capsicums thriving! Planted peas, herbs & Freesias 🙂

capsicums thriving

Have had a great crop since end of Summer…they just keep growing!

Deb's crop Planted these native beauties to attract the local native birds….apart from all the gorgeous rainbow lorikeets & rosellas we have also wound up with a few galahs as well!

for the birds

Banksias, Callistemons (bottle brush), wattle and kangaroo grass

nativesnative birds       maggie