After just living through our very first  ‘natural disaster”, like many other folk am busy now cleaning up. The Category 2 Cyclone hit suddenly (last week) without warning and with such force that it knocked out power right across the state of New South Wales, some folk are STILL in the dark.

The extreme force of the wind and rain wreaked havoc everywhere, ripping up trees (from their roots) and sending some crashing onto homes cars and caravans whilst the torrential rain flooded roads homes and yards…rivers and lakes rose and the beaches copped a bashing from the waves. We’ve never experienced anything like it, and pray we never do again! For five days we had no power or mobile phone connection which left us feeling extremely ‘cut-off’ from the rest of the world made worse by the fact we couldn’t find any batteries for the radio (all shops sold out in minutes) so had to rely on any news made available via friends or neighbours.

By Thursday night we had decided we were better off finding a motel room if for nothing more than a hot shower and use of a TV- so off we went, packing up laptops and other devices that needed charging and praying that upon our return all would be back to normal. No such luck.
Come Friday, the news was bleak, word had it that we were no closer to having power restored, and quite possibly be looking at a few more ‘powerless’ days.
To occupy my time, I managed to finish my book “When She Woke” by Hillary Jordon and went on to read “Walking In Light” by Medium-Psychic Kelvin Cruickshank. The next book selected for reading, My Royal Story “Anne Boleyn And Me” by Alison Prince which I’d only got as far as the Preface before the lights came back on! What a moment that was, the shouts of joy echoed up and down our street as neighbours young and old shared in the same jubilation-what joy!

SES busily cutting trees off wires

SES busily cutting trees off wires

Now into a new week we look back on “what was”, giving much thanks to all those incredible SES volunteers who worked tirelessly at restoring power whilst dealing with thousands of calls for help and to God, for sparing us and our home….sadly some were not as fortunate and we pray for their families and loved ones.
Meanwhile, I am also extremely grateful to be back in the 21st century, completely thankful for the smaller things in life.


NSW wild weather: Clean-up efforts begin as rain, wind eases