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Sometimes when you least expect it a prayer can be answered leaving you quite gob-smacked! Today was such a day, and it came through almost as a message from the other side….via God.

The start of the weekend saw a nice trip down to Sydney to catch up with some dear friends.With my work schedule of past being quite hectic there hadn’t been a lot of time to ‘get away’, so having this opportunity was a real blessing and we enjoyed a day filled with good food laughs and reflections.Unbeknownst to me, sharing some rather personal turmoil with one of my friend’s became the catalyst of that night’s dream…more a nightmare.
It was a dream that seems to frequent my sleep, and I awoke the next day feeling weighed down and quite upset. This feeling lingered for most of the day, so needed a happy distraction of some sort, which shopping is always great therapy!

On returning home I felt compelled to visit my loved ones at their grave site, and it was here that I broke down. As I sat sobbing, I began asking for their help…and even as I did so was aware there were folk nearby and wondered if they thought me quite mad? I needed help, answers….counsel. I prayed and asked God to guide me because I felt I had lost my way. After placing some flowers I tried to gain some composure before heading back home. It had been quite an emotional 48 hours….but it wasn’t over…that night, possibly a result of my trip to the Cemetery, I dreamt about mum.Though much of what I can remember now gone, I do know it involved ovarian cancer and “awareness”.


And this brings me forward to today.

I received a phone call late this afternoon from our local member of Parliament, a call which wasn’t expected but one which was greatly appreciated,as it was related to ovarian cancer. Karen McNamara is a Liberal member of the Australian House of Representatives and she represents my local electorate of Dobell.
Seems we share something in common, both have lost a loved one to ovarian cancer, and both want to see more funding for research which is why I had received this special call. Karen’s ‘party’ have been discussing this subject in parliament and she has generously offered to keep at it!
When I hung up, I was shaking. What had just happened? Karen could have called any other day, and apparently, she had thought of doing this but for whatever reason, she chose today.
So what are the odds of another strange event occurring in the midst of all this?
Most people know how close “awareness” is to my heart, it’s a huge part of my everyday life and has been since the loss of my mother almost 16 years ago. But what many don’t know is that shortly after her death, I was approached by a psychic medium and among other things, told me to pay attention to the Kookaburra bird and its special “laugh”, as this was to tell me my mother was around me. So this afternoon my son returned home from getting a few items off my shopping list, and one item was a packet of peanuts. As I hung up from Karen I began rummaging through the shopping bags and lo & behold, he’d bought a bag of peanuts which contained a logo of a Kookaburra!


So after receiving such an amazing renewal of “hope”, I have to stop and give special thanks to God….He heard my cries for help, and He delivered His response.

I’d asked for my mother’s counsel and in return was shown that I am never alone.
Yes God….I hear you…loud and clear!